About Us

Our History:

Wagon Wheel Roller Skating Rink (Wagon Wheel Skater Center) opened it’s doors to Brighton on Thursday, April 3rd, 1958.  The builder and original owner, Howard Eyerly, had intended to operate the facility in partnership with his son; however, after a tragic hunting accident, Howard had to follow through opening the “Wagon Wheel Youth Center” without his son’s involvement.  After managing the Wagon Wheel for Howard through the early 60’s, Eddie & Mary Trevena purchased the Wagon Wheel in 1968.  Never short on labor, the Trevenas, and their 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls) operated the skating rink for over 25 years.  In the mid 80’s Eddie & Mary purchased a second skating rink in Ft. Collins, Rollerland Skate Center , and moved the family up north.  Eldest son Troy stayed behind to keep the Wagon Wheel rolling.  Troy and his family operated the Wagon Wheel through 2004, when Ed & Mary’s youngest daughter, Jhantel, took over the business with her husband Andy.

mom dad troy

Eddie, Mary, and Troy (oldest son) Trevena in 1968.


Jhantel and husband Andy took over the family business in 2004.


Jhantel in the 2005 Adams County Parade.


Jhantel pushing baby brother, Jathan, in the 1983 Adams Counter Parade.


Annual “Wagon Wheel Reunion Skate”.  This occurs every August and includes people that skated at the Wagon Wheel through the 60’s and 70’s.  Email Sheryl Teel for more information at wyoducks@live.com for more information.